2015-16 Program Update

As you can see in the video link above, thanks to your generosity we have helped thousands of families restore hope this past year. We shared food with over 4500 families. We prevented 612 people from becoming homeless—maintaining our staggering level of success at 100%. We gave school supplies to 2790 students, Thanksgiving baskets to 607 families, and shared joy with 178 kids at Christmas. In all of that, we have shared hope. It is the hope hundreds can read about in the Bibles we gave them. It is trust that what comes next will be better. It is not mere desire but unwavering expectation.

Melissa and her family needed that strong hope this year. She and her husband both had good jobs that provided steady income for their family. When their daughter was diagnosed with a major illness, though, the financial burden became too much to bear. Bills began to pile up—even with insurance—and eventually their water was disconnected and they were on the verge of eviction. Thankfully, their pastor told them about Restore Hope and we were able to prevent them from eviction, provide them with much-needed food and household items, and connect them with resources to help with utilities. We even helped them with a great Thanksgiving dinner! More importantly we helped with hope: “I was starting to feel like I was in a dark hole with no light” Melissa said, “but the light is shining bright now and it is because of you guys and GOD…I am truly grateful! I feel like I can breathe again!