Give Food

We make sure the food we receive is used well. Play the video above to see how!

Hunger is a largely hidden crisis in our world and in our community. Many families struggle with empty pantries and difficult choices between food and other necessities. At Restore Hope, we are trying to reduce hunger in our community every single day. But we need your help. Food costs have increased significantly over the past few years while sources of affordable food have diminished. We appreciate the many faithful donors who regularly give us food to give to families in need. If your organization is considering a food drive to benefit Restore Hope, here are a few options to consider:

Fund Drive

Because of our position as a non-profit organization, Restore Hope can often double the impact of funds donated to us for food. When your organization chooses to raise funds for food, it gives us the flexibility to buy the kinds of food we need at the time we need them most. Click here to donate today!

Ask the Experts

There are some items that are difficult or more expensive for us to acquire. Contact us before your food drive to find out where your food can make the biggest difference. Needs change often, so feel free to contact us each time you begin your food drive.

“Food Fight”

Sometimes healthy competition can spur on donations.  One youth group challenged their congregation’s adults to a “food fight”: a food drive challenge to see which group brought in more food. Only certain kinds of donations earned points (2 pts each for peanut butter or cereal, 1.5 points for canned fruit or canned tuna/chicken, etc.) and they explicitly refused those items that we could not accept. A special ceremony at the end of the drive celebrated the winning group, but, in the end, the families Restore Hope serves were the true winners.


Most needed items:

Peanut Butter, Canned Fruit (peaches, pineapple, mixed fruit), Canned Meats (tuna, chicken), Breakfast Cereals.

We cannot accept:

Food that is homemade, home-canned, or previously opened. Unlabeled products or a product not in its original packaging. No perishable food, alcohol, medicine, or soda. No rusty/dented cans. No outdated (expired) products.

New Haven Mountain of FoodMountain of Food

One local church began a habit a few years ago of creating a “Mountain of Food” in their sanctuary. This massive structure is built by raising funds from members of the congregation. Those funds are then used to buy food that, after asking our staff, is determined to be most needed (or difficult to acquire). This “mountain” makes an impact on the members of that church (it’s HUGE!), but it also makes a difference on all who see it.


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One local church began a weekly food drive some time ago based on an ancient model of community giving to those in need. The idea is to have members of your organization think about those in need whenever they are shopping for themselves. Each week a different item is suggested for people to give. For more information, Download the CARVE flyer in (PDF)