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Support Restore Hope with a “Smile”!

Do you shop online? Do you know that you can support Restore Hope Ministries when you do? Just follow the directions below and, when you shop online, a portion of your purchases will help us restore hope for families in need!


Step One: Open your web browser and go to https://smile.amazon.com

amazon smile step one

Step Two: Sign In or Register

amazon smile step two

Step Three: Search for Restore Hope

amazon smile step three

Step Four: Select Restore Hope Ministries, Inc.

amazon smile step four

Step Five: Make Sure You are Supporting Restore Hope

amazon smile step five

Step Six: Shop at smile.amazon.com whenever you shop Amazon.com

amazon smile step six

Step Seven: Whenever your purchase is eligible, a portion will support Restore Hope!

amazon smile step seven

Step Eight: Share with your friends and thank you for helping Restore Hope!!